Adventures in Microlearning

A Graphic Novel Case Study by PDG


What's in the graphic novel?

Download this graphic novel to discover how Khalid, a sales representative at a large pharmaceutical company, utilized an AI-enabled adaptive learning and gamified approach that pushes content, challenge questions, and action to prepare for competitive threats that are coming his way.

Sales Training
Product Knowledge and Gamification
Competitive Factors 

About PDG


We founded PDG because we believe that people drive the success of the business and we wanted to drive the success of people. Getting better at your job should be exhilarating, so why is it so often painful? We started as a learning solutions provider, but we soon realized the world was bigger than that. Learning is one of the tools in the toolbox. That’s why we are dedicated to driving real, measurable business impact through focused performance solutions. As people continue to evolve how they work, we will stay focused on delivering innovation to organizations across the globe and delighting our clients every day.

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